Monday, March 9, 2015

FishFinder Mount for Sea Eagle 285 & Other Inflatable Boats

FishFinder Mount for Sea Eagle 285 & other similar inflatable boats

Greetings friends, we have some new photos our our glue-on fish finder boat mount which was recently installed onto one of our customers Sea Eagle 285 inflatable boat.  This glue on fishfinder mounting system was designed for boats such as the Sea Eagle 285.  Don't let the title "Glue-On" deceive you however, because the rest of the fish finder mounting kit is still fully and easily removable.

Once the Scotty glue on mounting pads (as seen here: )  have been situated and glued on to the boat pontoon bladder(s), the mounting components are easily installed and removed as desired - within a mere couple of minutes.  The whole kit can be purchased here:

The transducer mount can also be purchased separately here:

We understand this kit takes a bit of work to complete an initial install, but once this has been done, we believe this mounting kit is the ultimate fishfinder mounting solution for inflatable boats - without a traditional fixed transom.  If you have a spot to wrap a strap style transducer mount around a bladder, then you may consider this transducer mounting solution here:!product/prd1/2792762971/float-tube-transducer-mount-w-86%22-strap
but if not, then this glue on transducer mounting bracket as aforementioned is your best bet in our opinion.

Here's a bunch of photos showing the installation of the Glue-On FishFinder mounting kit only from Fish Finder Mounts .com - enjoy:

Glue-On Fish Finder Mounting Kit for Inflatable boats like the Sea Eagle 285

Glue-On transducer mount for
inflatable boats

Helix 5 mounted on Sea Eagle 285 inflatable boat
with fishfinder mounting kit from Fish Finder Mounts .com

fish finder brackets for Humminbird Helix 5 and Sea Eagle 285

This fishfinder mounting kit for inflatable boats is from the folks at Fish Finder Mounts .com.  This sonar mounting kit includes/comes with everything you need to mount and power your fish finder straight out of the box; I.e. a 5ah rechargeable battery, the control head mounting components, and the transducer mounting components.  

Please call toll free: 1-855-784-3474 to get your universal fish finder mounting kit for inflatable boats like the Sea Eagle 285 today.

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