Sunday, September 21, 2014

Porta Bote Fish Finder Installation and Mount

 Porta Bote Fish Finder Installation and Mount

Sept 21, 2014

Greetings to all our Fishing Friends once again,

We hope you've had a good fishing season thus far.  We wanted to reach out to all the Porta Bote owners out there to let them have a look at a great fish finder mounting solution for their Porta Botes or Port-a-Boats.  We recently worked with another of our great customers ("Chen" in California) who has a Porta Bote.  He purchased our 2.9ah magnetic boat fish finder mount with our 15mm magnetic transducer mount.  

This is a fabulous solution for the Porta-Boat, because again, there is no need to drill holes in the boat, or use glues when using this 15mm magnetic transducer mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com; and this is really an extra good thing in this case, because the boat is a fold up flexible plastic boat; so it's absolutely best not to drill holes in a flexible material such as with the Port-a-Boat.

So, instead of doing all the talking ourselves, we'll let Chen put the word out there - thank you Chen!

Here's what he had to say, and the photos he sent are also below:

"Hi Wade,
Happy Friday!
As promised, here are some pictures of the mount on my porta bote. 
The mount worked great.  I transom mounted the transducer and went over 12mph with no issue (somehow the sonar pictures goes away when the speed passes 7mph, but i suspect it is a sonar issue).  i will try out the side mount this weekend and see how well that works.
The main unit/battery box fits the side really well. i was slightly worried about how well it will hold at first, but then after a while I developed total confidence in the unit--it wasn't going anywhere.  you do have to cut out a small piece of black flotation insert so the clamp will fit, but that took less than 10 seconds.
Only problem I had with that unit is that when i was going fast in choppy water, the side of the boat vibrated a lot (since the boat is made of flexible plastic sheets) and the vibration made reading the screen nearly impossible.  so for someone that regularly travels in a porta bote in high speed in choppy waters, perhaps one of your float tube mounts might suit them better since those can be strapped directly onto the benches.
all in all, it is a great unit and is something that I have been looking for a long time! Thanks for developing it and best of luck with everything!

Below are Chen's photos he kindly shared with us.  He has a Lowrance Elite 4x HDI fishfinder mounted on his Port-a-Boat:

Fish Finder Control Head Gunnel clamp mount on Porta - Bote

Lowrance Elite 4x HDI with Magnetic Transducer mount at the transom position

Lowrance Elite 4x HDI Fish Finder mounted on Porta-Bote with transducer on the side area of the hull

Lowrance Elite 4x HDI transducer side mounted on Porta Boat using
the Magnetic Transducer mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com

I hope y'all enjoyed the post.  It is just another example of how versatile the fish finder mounting solutions from Fish Finder Mounts .com really are!

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