Monday, September 8, 2014

A Super Fishfinder Mount for the Most Powerful Fish Finder & GPS Graphs on the Market Today

The New 10 amp hour Fish Finder Mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com

September 8th, 2014

We have recently released our new 10 amp hour fish finder mounting system; which comes standard with our 15mm patent pending magnetic transducer mount.  This fishfinder mount is designed and manufactured to mount the largest of fish finders and GPS graphs on the market today.  Here are a few of the fish finders it will support and power:

Lowrance Elite 7 series fishfinders
Lowrance HDS 5 to 12 series fishfinders and graphs
Humminbird Onix fishfinders
Humminbird 1158c to 1199ci fish finders and graphs
Humminbird 958c HD to 998c HD series fish finders and graphs
Humminbird 858c to 899ci HD series fish finders and graphs
Garmin EchoMAP 50dv and 70dv and GPSMAP series fish finders and graps
Raymarine A series fish finders and graphs

Our great customer Don (thank you Don!)was kind enough to send us some fantastic photos of his Lowrance Elite 7 with CHIRP fish finder set up on our mount and his boat. Here they are:

The Lowrance Elite 7x CHIRP on Fish Finder Mounts .com portable
fish finder mounting system

The Lowrance Elite 7x CHIRP fish finder with Fish Finder Mounts .com
complete 10 amp hour fish finder mounting kit

A side photo of the Lowrance Elite 7x CHIRP clamped onto the side
of an Aluminum fishing boat

Cable routing for the Elite 7x CHIRP fish finder

The Elite 7x CHIRP fishfinder in action on the water,
Perfectly mounted with the Fish Finder Mounts .com
10 amp hour fish finder mounting kit

A Fish Finder Mount with all the Bells & Whistles to Get your Fish Finder set up Fast 

Like our smaller capacity fish finder mounting systems, this kit has all the bells and whistles, plus it includes a 10 amp hour capacity rechargeable 12 volt battery to run your fishfinder - sounder & graphs all day long.  Manage your cabling neatly via our integrated cabling slots.  Even the gunnel clamp has machined scuff guards so you won't mark your friends or any rental boat, much less your own.  And our 7.5 inch by 3.5 swivel mounting plate rotates a full 360 degrees to allow you to set up your control head viewing angle to any position you prefer.

Do Not Drill Holes in Your Boat When Installing a Fish Finder Transducer!

Don't drill holes in your boat when mounting your transducer with our 15mm magnetic transducer mount. The paired super magnets act as an invisible clamp allowing the user to avoid drilling holes in their boat or using glues as on permanent transducer installs.  And, choose where you want to install your transducer.  What do I mean?  I'm saying put it on the side of your boat hull or on the transom, or for that matter almost anywhere you can think of.  Our transducer mounting linkage rotates giving the user nearly an infinite amount of options.  Here's what Don's install looks like:

The Magnetic Transducer Mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com
up close shot on the side of the boat hull

The Magnetic Transducer mount from the outside of the
Aluminum boat, just below the Elite 7x CHIRP control head mount

The inside transducer magnetic mount pair

And when you're done for the day, take it off as easily as you put it on - within seconds, literally!  Want to take your fish finder or sounder on a rental boat, or on your buddy's boat?  No problem with our fish finder mounting kit.  Our fish finder mounting systems make almost any fishfinder - sounder completely portable.

Our fish finder kits are made to perform perfectly in both marine and fresh water applications as we use 316 stainless steel on all components that may be submerged; as with our magnetic transducer mount.

Here is a video showing you how this fish finder system will set up on your favourite fishing boat - enjoy:

Please check out our YouTube channel here:  for more great videos on all of our products that are designed to mount your the fish finder of your choice on Aluminum boats, Kayaks, Canoes, Float Tubes, Pontoons, Inflatable boats of all kinds, platic boats and more.

Call us at 1-855-784-3474 for your perfect fish finder mounting solution today; or email us at and we would be glad to help you. Our websites listed below have our online stores set up for your convenience.  Please take the time to browse.  Our sites have tons of videos and photos to help you see what you will be getting when you purchase your new fish finder mounting system from us.

More blog posts to come soon :)

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