Monday, September 8, 2014

A New Fantastic Kayak Transducer Mounting Device


September 8th, 2014

The more I look around on the web to see what's out there for mounting or installing a fish finder transducer on a kayak, the more I get excited about the Kayak transducer mounting solution from Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics.  I think many of you are aware that there are all kinds of people doing all kinds of things, such as:  Glueing their transducers to the inside bottom floor area of their kayak for a "through hull" mounting position, Flex and solid brackets that are clamped from the top side of the kayak, extending off and down the side of the kayak - often affixed to some kind of track channel.  And there's myriads of different other DIY (do it yourself ) methods kayak fishermen have and do employ today.

I won't going into great detail about what the merits, difficulties, challenges or "issues" might be with each of these approaches; other than to say that if you can get the transducer into the water where it's designed to be, that is clearly the optimal way of getting the best sonar signal.  The other thing I would add, is many of the designs out there are arduous and difficult to install, and are certainly often bulky and clumsy looking.

Enter the Magnetic Transducer Mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com and Float Tube Fanatics.  Here you have a device that installs within a few seconds, does not require any permanent bonding methods such as glues or rods and screws, and yet is only about 3 inches by an 1 inch and a half in footprint (smaller than a business card ).  This Kayak transducer mount weighs less than half a pound, and yet competently installs a transducer on the side of your kayak using paired sets of super magnets acting as an invisible clamp.  And then when you are done for the day, easily remove it within a few seconds as when you installed it.  This fish finder transducer mount also has a pivoting linkage which allows you to swing the arm up with a twist of a simple thumb knob.  This allows the kayak fisherman the ability to tilt it up out of the water when they really want to keep drag to a minimum when they are not fishing but rather moving to a destination at full speed.  Oh, and the fasteners used in manufacturing the device are all 316 marine grade stainless steel.  It's machined and built here in North America, and it is as tough as nails, to last your fishing career.  So it can be said, and has been asserted that there are a plethora of advantages to this kayak transducer mounting solution.

If you want to install a fish finder transducer on a Kayak, this is really quite an awesome solution - and so easy to boot!  Here are some great videos showing how this new amazing innovative works, and showing it in action on the water, on a kayak.  Enjoy:

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Here are few great emails from users of the magnetic transducer mount for kayaks commenting on this amazing kayak transducer mount:

May 31, 2014, from Jeff in Hayward, California:


Finally got out. Had a lot of work and family stuff going on. See the attached for the mount.  Works great, you could not have done better except maybe add a "fish bite now" button.

Take care,

Aug 13, 2013, from Jeffrey in San Diego, California:

Hey Wade,

Good to hear from you.  Yes, the transducer arms works great; sorry I didn’t let you know.  I'm hoping to take it out this weekend or next week and will get some pictures.  My boat has a weird shape / design to it, so it should be a good example of how well your design can work in different situations. 

I'm not sure how you guys market, but I hear a lot of kayak guys that are not happy with their set ups.  There is a cool website called Big Waters Edge, which is pretty much a Southern CA kayak fishing site.  You might want to check it out. 

Aug 14, 2014, from Jim in Harrisburg, PA


I attached some photos. As you will be able to see, I have my kayak all "pimped" out (so my kayak dealer calls it).  I have a Wilderness Experience, Pungo12 kayak.  It has a removable console where I have mounted my fish finder.  I was looking for a way to mount the transducer and then I came across your magnet device.  I mounted it on the on the shore so I could take some pictures.  I included some pictures of the results too.

Love your device.  I only wish I had thought of it.


That's all for now friends - will post again soon :)

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