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New Fish Finder Mounts coming from Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics

We have some new fish finder mounting systems coming soon...

July 14th, 2014

Greetings Friends,

Apologies that it's been a while since our last post.  

Some Thoughts on the Humminbird 386ci

I'm planning to do some nice fish finder reviews by the end of the season.  I have been playing around with and been using some products from both Humminbird and Lowrance recently; but I don't want to put a half baked review.  I want to be sure that the content I put on here helps people in their pragmatic purchasing decisions.  What I will say prior to moving onto some of our new product preludes here, is that I have been using the Humminbird 386ci, and my experience so far has been good.  I'm not a big fan of the Humminbird Piranhamax series because I find their user interfaces somewhat "clunky" if you will.  Plus I think their connectors tend to be on the cheaper side, without a positive lock mechanism.  But so far I have found the Humminbird 386ci menu system on the user interface well organized, and there's lots of tweakability.  Oh, yes, and I didn't much care for the mounting post through which all our cables must be routed.  This just isn't really necessary and creates more trouble than serenity in my opinion.  Here's a couple of pictures of my Outcast Super Fat Cat LCS with the 386ci mounted on our U3 5ah float tube fish finder mount:

Super Fat Cat LCS with Humminbird 386ci mounted

Outcast Super Fat Cat with Float Tube Fanatics U3 Float Tube Mount
& Humminbird 386ci Fish Finder

Anyhow, enough of that.  I really wanted to post what's coming up with our new mounting systems.  Let's start with this:

An Awesome New Fish Finder Mount for Inflatable Kayaks and Boats

We've had quite a few customers over time that have inflatable crafts, like, let's say "Zodiac" style inflatable boats.  Sometimes we've been able to support these customers reasonably well, in the cases where their air bladder extends past the transom somewhat; but at other times, these customers will have an inflatable kayak, or a similar water craft where there's no easy way to mount a fish finder or the transducer - due to the hull/bladder design.  

Well, I think think the following pictures will give you a good view as to what we are planning.  This system leverages the Scotty 341 glue on mount for inflatable boats; and yes, we will be including this part in our mounting kit - so you may understand this aspect better, the web link is here:  

Please remember, we don't do anything half hazard.  Instead we put quite a lot of thought into the fish finder mounting solutions we create for our customers.  What we always try to do, is to provide the best most practical solution for the boat owner that exists in the marketplace today.  One of our primary goals is to always try and offer something that gives the fisherman everything he/she needs to mount and power their fish finder (along with the transducer) straight out of the box.  Yes, sometimes this does involve other companies' product innovations as in this case:

Yet the question remains:  "how do you secure a transducer to a collapsible inflatable boat where you can't simply wrap a strap around the bladder like you can with a typical float tube or pontoon raft etc - like we've done for our belly boat / float tube and pontoon fish finder mounting designs.  

It's here that I would like to mention a couple of boats that have come up quite a bit.  There have been quite of a few owners of the Sea Eagle 285 boat or similar designs from Sea Eagle.  Also, we've had quite a few inflatable kayak owners seeking help in mounting a fish finder to their inflatable boats.  We have supplied solutions to some of these customers, but albeit with a foreboding in our heart that we couldn't provide the best most intuitive design or solution that at the time we thought we could.  We'll we've got around to it now, so we are very excited to give you, our customers and fans a bit of a foreshadowing of how these systems will work and what they will look like.  They will be available for purchase on our websites: & soon.  

So this is it, we have a new glue-on system where we will provide the best glue and the glue-on malleable base ( scotty 341glue on pad / base ); so no one has to figure it out on their own.  Once again, this keeps consistent with our company products mantra: "Everything you need to mount and power your fish finder straight out of the box." 

Once this secondary glue on base is glued on in the preferred spot, our transducer mount slides into the mating plate for a removable transducer mount solution.  It's super easy to snap in, it's super strong, and it's super easy to take off again.  It really leverages our current float tube transducer design too; so if the user has a float tube they can go ahead and mount their transducer on their float tube as well (just add a strap).  The pictures below show the system with both a short base arm and also an extension arm piece, literally lthe user to extend the transducer mount for perceivably as long as would be needed to reach into the water.  We already currently sell the transducer arm extensions on our sites. Sound good?  Here's the next set of pictures to provide a glimpse on how the transducer mounting solution works for Zodiak or inflatable boats:

Fish Finder Mounts .com inflatable glue on extendable transducer mount for inflatable boats with extension piece
Single arm transducer mount extension
Complete Fish Finder Mounts .com Glue-On tranducer mount with one
Extension added.

Photo Showing slide in transducer mount
Transducer Mount with extension arm
From Float Tube Fanatics &
Fish Finder Mounts .com

So that's a wrap for now friends.  We hope to get some photos of this new fish finder mounting system on an inflatable boat or two for your viewing pleasure soon.

Next Fish Finder Mount Blog Post Preview

Up, in the next day or so, I will be adding a new post providing you with a glimpse of our new and upcoming 7-1/2 x 3" mounting plate for extra large fish finders.  In concert with this new mounting plate we will be designing and selling a new super high capacity battery box to contain a high capacity battery in and around the 10-14 amp hour range.  This new fish finder mounting system will allow our customers to drive and run super large fish finders such as the Humminbird Onix and 800-900 series fish finders or the Lowrance HDS series, or the Garmin echoMAP or GPSMAP models.  Essentially this new super fish finder mount will support the super fish finders that are in the market today; allowing the user to easily "mount and power their fish finder of choice" with an All-In-One fish finder mounting solution.  It will also make these fish finders portable just the same way pretty much all our other mounting solutions work.  Please stay tuned and tight lines to all our fishing fanatical friends out there.  

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