Saturday, July 26, 2014

A New Super Fish Finder Mount for the Largest Fish Finders coming soon...

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We are close to releasing our super large fish finder mounting system from Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics.  This new Super Fish Finder Mount will sport a 10 amp hour battery to power the largest of fish finders all day long.  This innovative fish finder mount, like most of our other fish finder mounts make your fish finder of choice completely and totally portable.

This fish finder mounting system will be a fantastic solution for fish finders such as:

Lowrance HDS series of fish finders
Garmin GPSmap and Garmin ECHOmap series
Humminbird Onix fish finders, and  Humminbird 800 series and greater

We already have the swivel mounting plate ready, and here's some photos to show off our new 7.5 inch machined plate where you will be able to mount whatever extreme fish finder - chart plotter system you desire:

The New 7.5 x 3.75 inch fish finder mounting plate
for very large fish finders

The underside of the fish finder mounting plate.  The slide rails also provide clearance if mounting screws
pierce through the plate

And, just a reminder, we are on the eve of releasing our glue on mounting system for fully inflatable watercraft such as inflatable kayaks, inflatable boats without a transom, and other odd form inflatables.  We blogged about this new glue on system in our last entry in this blog. Here's a short list of some popular inflatable boats that this new system will be a fantastic solution for vessels such as:

Hobie Mirage i9, i12, i12s, i14t
Saturn Kayaks RK396, FK396, OK420
Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats
And many many more.  Essentially, any inflatable boat where there is not a hard transom.

Thanks for reading and checking out what we have for you.  Please call us at 1-855-784-3474 to get your perfect fish finder mounting system today; or you may email us at:

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