Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics Customer Reviews

Real Customer Reviews on Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com Fish Finder Mounts

1) April 29th, 2014, from Gordy in Virginia


The magnetic transducer mount really rocks!  It also allows me the freedom to take my fish finder or not.  Your new stronger magnetic transducer mount will be great for double walled kayaks!  Keep up the great work!  Here is a sampling of some of the fish that I've caught while using the magnetic transducer mount with my electronics.

All the best, 


Here's Gordy's Magnetic Transducer mount from the side of his Kayak:

2) May 3rd, 2014, from James in Iowa

Easy to put on & works great, thank you fishfinder mount family your great!!!!!!!!!

Colorado XT pontoon from Classic Accessories with Float Tube Fanatics Pontoon Fish Finder Mount
James with his new fish finder mount from Float Tube Fanatics & his Colorado XT Pontoon - very kewl :)

3) January 5th, 2014, from Omar, Magnetic Transducer Mount

"Hi Wade
Used your transducer mount yesterday with great success. The product performs flawlessly. The same could not be said for my aging Hummingbird Piranhamax Portable. After 10 years of faithful service, it's time to upgrade. Couldn't get it to stay on and I need more than just a depth gauge.

Read your reviews along with various posts on the float tube forum and settled on the Lowrance Elite 4x DSI. Just need the remaining bits from your kit to get it going. I think the transducer mount I already got from you is universal so I might be set there.

Please let me know what is left? I'd like to get the latest long life battery pack and mounting bracket (U2?), and don't need the low profile model. If you could send me a list and the invoice like last time, that would be great." 

That's all for now folks.  I will post more Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com fish finder mounting system reviews soon -- Wade.

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