Saturday, February 22, 2014

Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder On A Float Tube

Raymarine Dragonfly Fish Finder On A Float Tube

Hi Friends, 

A Raymarine update for you.  I thought you might like to see the Raymarine Dragonfly professionally mounted by Float Tube Fanatics on one of our customer's Fish Cat float tubes.  We want to extend our thanks to Ricardo (aka. Rick) in California for these awesome photos.  He has an awesome float tube set up:

You can see the Raymarine Dragonfly transducer on the right side
The control head is mostly obscured by the rod holder

Raymarine Dragonfly deftly mounted on Fish Cat float tube by Float Tube Fanatics

Raymarine Dragonfly mounted by Float Tube Fanatics U2 Universal Fish Finder Mount
from Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com

We now have a larger power capacity fish finder mount model called the U3.  We recommend this mount for the Raymarine Dragonfly, as this fish finder does draw 500 watts RMS.  This new model looks identical to the one above, yet is slightly larger, and heavier by just 1lb - yet the new U3 fish finder mount will provide the user with almost 2x the run time.  To get yours now click here:!product/prd1/1619659475/u3-float-tube-mount%2C-5ah--lrg-finders-(ffm-)

And again, here's a refresher on what the Raymarine Dragonfly transducer looks like mounted.  This one is on a canoe:

Float Tube Fanatics Magnetic Transducer Mount with  Raymarine Dragonfly Transducer  CPT-60 transducer
Here's a nice inside shot so you may see what that looks like versus the outside you see above.  Remember, with this magnetic mount that acts like an invisible clamp, you do not need to drill any holes, glue, or set up a through-hull transducer mount.  Here it is:

Float Tube Fanatics magnetic transducer mount on inside of wood canoe

From Your Friends at Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com
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