Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Powerful Universal Fish Finder Mount - Make Any Fish Finder Portable Now!

A New More Powerful Universal Fish Finder Mount With Integrated Power is Here!

It took too long, but we finally did it.  

Our first universal fish finder mounting systems included and 2.9 amp hour power source.  These are amazing solutions for making pretty much any compact fish finder from Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin and Raymarine into a portable fish finder.  We have Float Tube, Pontoon and Boat fish finder mounts with this power configuration; but now we've stepped it up!

We now have finally released our higher powered 5 amp hour models.  Now those of you who want to mount larger higher powered fish finders, have even a better solution than before.  This new battery box platform is the same awesome design, yet it is about 25% larger, and about 1 lb heavier; but again, the user is getting a full 2.1 amp hours more of power capacity.  

We chose a 5 amp hour battery because it allowed us not to give too much up in the way of form factor and portability, yet the user still gets almost double the power capacity.  These new universal fish finder mounting solutions are offered again in both the boat and the tube versions. Get yours now at these links:  

Here's a video to give you a closer look:

So there we have it folks.  Our new higher powered mounts are now available to you.  We'll be back soon, but until then, All the best of life to you all :)


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