Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fish Finder Reviews on Lowrance X4, Lowrance X5 & Humminbird 176i

June 18th, 2013

Greetings, and some Fishing Trip notes

Greetings fellow fisher friends, We were up in our favorite fishing grounds this weekend, and I spent a bit of time, yet not too much, taking some pictures and videos of some great, and not so great fish finder products, plus some awesome fish finder mounts we had these fish finders on.

I really tried to concentrate more on fishing than working - really I did ;) Fishing was slow and it looked like the water was in turn over.  Lots of plant bits floating about in the water.  Still we were able to pull out some nice bows from the lake, and we witnessed a fine gentleman land a beautiful silver clean 8 lb rainbow.  Aside from that we also saw deer roaming about the edge of the lake, an awesome bald eagle swoop down and pull what looked like a 15 incher out of the water, the biggest rabbit I'd ever seen, and a crazy huge cricket that was mutant in proportions.

3 Fish Finders (Lowrance Elite 4x, Lowrance Elite 5x & the Humminbird Piranhamax 176i) Reviewed...

I'll just start off with a bit of a preface regarding the focus of this blog post: I spent time using the Lowrance Elite 4x, the Lowrance Elite 5x and the Humminbird 176i.  The size of the screens on the more compact finders had me thinking I wouldn't be too impressed, but the Lowrance Elite 4X, though small really was very clear because of it's high pixel count on the monitor.  I really enjoyed using this fish finder.  I'm a bit of a tech geek, and so although the menus on the user interface had a load of options to sift through, I kind of enjoyed exploring through the features in the menu system.  I also spent a few hours using the Lowrance Elite 5x.  That unit has a fabulous large screen and the menu system is essentially identical to the Elite 4x fish finder.  I think for a float tube, pontoon and other small fishing craft where you are sitting fairly close to your fish finder, the Lowrance Elite 4x is a wonderful fishing companion, and all you really need - especially if you are just basically fishing lakes or shallower waters.  Your battery will run longer on the lower power draw, yet the Elite 4x still draws about 300 watts RMS; which is still plenty.  Both of the Lowrance fish finders have incredible color screens, and are great products.  I'd recommend them both.

Now in contrast to the Lowrance products aforementioned, I also used the Humminbird 176i.  I did not like this fish finder in comparison.  The menu system is very crude and non-intuitive.  I couldn't find a ping setting to slow down or speed it up.  I couldn't find a backlight setting; and the screen detail left a lot to be desired.  If I were going to purchase a lower end compact finder and had to choose between this finder or a Garmin Echo finder, the Garmin Echo fish finder (the fish finder I used all of last fishing season) would win hands down.  The Garmin Echo has a way better, more intuitive user interface/menu system, and the screen detail is much better.  I was able to find the track plotter option on the Humminbird 176i, but I really had to dig hard on the menu to find it.  I don't see that as something really necessary for myself, but the nice thing is you don't need a map pack to use this feature.  It just tracks where you've been, and shows you a related line graphic.  To be fair I didn't spend a lot of time tweaking this fish finder in the limited time I used it, so I will follow up with another more thorough review at a later date; but again, the screen detail and refresh rate was - in my opinion - rather poor compared to other finders in this category.  I will not be recommending this product to any of our customers.

Video Review of Lowrance Elite 4x Fish Finder

So to cut the text short at this point, please enjoy this video review of the Elite 4x fish finder:

A short video review of the Elite 4x fish finder

A Fantastic Fish Finder Mounting System!

Now, to cap all of this great fish finder talk off, don't forget, if you want the best fish finder mount for your pontoon, float tube, belly boat, fold cat, kayak, canoe or Aluminum boat, etc. check our web sites out.  Our mounting systems are built like tanks to last your fishing career, are designed by fishermen for fishermen, are super portable and easy to install.  You can see us at the following links:

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And I will leave you all with a few nice pictures I was able to snap of the Lowrance Elite 4x and 5x on the float tube this past weekend - enjoy

Lowrance Elite 5x on belly boat and Float Tube Fanatics Mount
Lorwrance Elite 5x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #1

Elite 4x and Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mount
Lorwrance Elite 4x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #1

Lowrance Elite 5x on Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount
Lorwrance Elite 5x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #2

Lowrance Elite 4x with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount
Lorwrance Elite 4x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #2

Oh Yeah, and here's a nice picture of that nice gentleman with his 8 lb rainbow.  Caught on a burgandy micro leach (cast and slow retrieve). Congrats to him!

Until next post, I wish you all tight lines my friends!

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