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The Benefits of the Magnetic Transducer Mount for Boats

Where to Mount a Fish Finder Transducer on your Boat (an old paradigm challenged)

Hi Friends, Wade here with another post.  This one is going to focus on mounting a fish finder transducer mount on your boat.  But instead of following convention, we are going to be honest:  We are trying to break an old paradigm; one that simply states transducers are to be mounted on the transom of a boat; and also in many cases for the past few years-- on a trolling motor perhaps.  In fact many commercial fish finders these days come with a transducer motor mounting kit included with the fish finder.  The kits we've seen are actually very cheap in design and material-- I don't think I would trust them.  Here's a picture, you decide:

 Well, bear with us friends, how about on the side of your boat?  Why not?  We have heard from many who have described the horrors of their transducer getting chopped in their prop when becoming detached from their transom.  We have heard other disaster stories of people hitting something in the water and their transducer; which in these cases are bolted or screwed into the boat get snapped off, and usually ultimately smashed.

We have a fantastic alternative that transcends the current paradigm.  In fact it is ultra portable, ultra quick to set up and detaches at a moments notice.  It does not require drilling holes in your boat, or any other kind of permanent mode of attachment.  Our magnetic transducer mount for fish finders-- for boats, is a revolutionary solution.  Its design employs paired embedded magnets; which in effect creates a powerful invisible clamp.

Not only is this fish finder mounting system super easy & fast to attach to your watercraft, these are other great benefits over the present day conventional methods:
  • If you happen to hit something solid, the transducer will pop off, most likely this will save your transducer from damage.
  • because our system favors a side mounting position, and it being attached correctly, tethered by your cabling attached to our system securely, it will not jettison into your prop and get shredded.
  • Portability, you can easily take your fish finder and mounting system with you and quickly attach it your whatever suitable boat you wish.  Do you rent boats to fish and want a great portable fish finder mounting solution?  This is it!
  • Unlike suction cups, this invisible magnetic fish finder transducer magnetic clamping system won't dry up and loose it's holding power
  • The paired magnetic block inside of your boat should stay in the position you initially set it at.  If it does come off you will be able to tell visually; in that you will see this block has moved; I.e. You don't have to guess why you are getting strange reading from your finder when your transducer is detached. 
Here are some pictures of the magnetic transducer mounting solution available on our websites for purchase at www.fishfindermounts.com & www.floattubefanatics.com :

The Magnetic Fish Finder Transducer mount, ready for action- in the water.

An All-In-One Universal Fish Finder Mount -
everything you need to mount and power your fish finder with ease
An ultra universal, ultra portable fish finder mount
with a revolutionary fish finder transducer mounting solution!

Fish Finder Mounts .com Universal Ultra Portable Fish Finder Mount for Boats.
Notice how the cabling is tethered right to the battery pack box.
Besides cable management, these fish finder mounting systems come with an integrated power solution as well

A great fish finder transducer mounting solution for your kayak!

Complete Fish Finder Mounting Solution Features

So, I will finish up with some notes about the entire fish finder & transducer mounting solution from Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics.  These fish finder mounts for boats come with more than just the magnetic transducer mount; but also, as you  may have noticed in the pictures above, an integrated power pack solution, a high quality gunnel clamp, a swivel feature that will enable to get the most optimized viewing angle for the fish finder control head, built in cable management, and a 6 month satisfaction guarantee (we've never had a customer return :))  Essentially these fish finder mounting systems come with everything you need to mount and power your fish finder and transducer straight out of the box!  By the way, we also have the perfect charging system for the rechargeable battery that comes with your system on our websites for sale-- in case you need a charger that is.  The rechargeable battery will run your fish finder of choice for up to 5-6 days solid fishing time-- depending on what fish finder model you are using.  Here is a couple of pictures of the system.  Tight lines All :)  :

The humminbird 386ci mounted on the fishfindermounts.com fish finder mounting system for boats

Top View, Notice how compact the entire fish finder mounting system is

A frontal view of the Fish Finder Boat Mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com
The Universal All-In-One Fish Finder Mounting System, (with integrated power and a Magnetic Transducer Mount included)

Oh and one other thing I almost forgot to mention.  This fish finder mounting solution for boats is extremely universal in nature.  It can competently mount a very wide variety of fish finders from popular manufacturers such as Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin, and Eagle.  Notice in the picture below, all of the finders are mounted onto our swivel plate, ready to be swapped in at will.  In the picture below, the Lowrance Elite 4x, Lowrance Elite 5x, and the Humminbird 386ci fish finders are shown :

A truly universal all-in-one portable fish finder mounting system for boats : from Fish Finder Mounts .com &
Float Tube Fanatics


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