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New Low Cost Fish Finder Mounts, Latest FTF News, and some Great Pictures ( from Float Tube Fanatics and Fish Finder Mounts .com )


Hey Fishin' friends :)  We wanted to try and help those fisher folk out there that are operating on more of a tight budget when it comes to their fishing gear/equipment; so we came up with our non-battery integrated UP systems.  These fish finder mounting systems still have all the fantastic features of our other mounting systems but, in this case you must add your own power/battery solution.  We think this is ok, because it provides the user (and some have asked for this option) the opportunity to sync up a much larger battery pack to their fish finder in lieu of the more compact Float Tube Fanatics AGM/SLA 12 volt, 2.9 amp hour battery pack.  Hey, if that's what our customers want, we'd like to help them get it :)

Please don't get these fish finder mounting models mixed up with our UP1-B and UP2-B systems.  Those particular models include the integrated battery box that mounts on the polypropylene strap along with the UP and swivel plates for an true all-in-one out of box fish finder mounting solution.  

If you want to have a look at these low-cost, low profile fish finder mounting systems on our websites, please check these links out:!buy-now/productsstackergalleryv20=2!buy-now/productsstackergalleryv20=3


Here's a pic or two as well-- of these low cost Fish Finder mounts:

The UP1 fish finder mount from Float Tube Fanatics (fish finder not included ;) )

The UP2 fish finder mount from Float Tube Fanatics

Imagine this without the battery box to the right (and add your own fish finder)- I.e. a UP1


So yeah, we posted some new pictures and videos on & .  One of our amazing friends and customers (John), has been blasting around on the lakes in the High Sierras in his 12 foot Lund Aluminum boat with a 5hp Briggs and Stratton outboard on the back.  He's been using and enjoying our Magnetic Transducer Mounting solution.  He reports great results so we want to share that with you here:

Oh by the way, this is a real email from a real customer:

" Wade,

I got up to a lake and tried your product with my aluminum boat. This time I used my 12 foot boat with a 5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine. It was a pretty big lake (642 acres), so several times I used full throttle on the engine to get from one part of the lake to another as fast as I could. The fishfinder mount hung on perfectly with no problems whatsoever. The waves and vibrations from cutting through the water did not cause the magnets attaching the transducer to the hull to separate. So it worked extremely well and you now know it can withstand the thrust of a 5 HP gas motor.

I accidentally sent two copies of one picture, so there are really five pictures with the email.

Thanks, Wade, and take care.


Here's his pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Notice the paired magnetic block near the floor of the boat  below of the  fish finder (Lowrance Mark4)

The All-In-One Fish Finder mount with Magnetic Transducer Mount solution!  The Lowrance Mark5 fish finder shown

Transducer is hard to see but it's there below the finder.  Notice the cables are neatly tied up to the battery box too

Just a beautiful day to be on the lake don't you think?

Further to the "Website Update" subject, we'd like to add that we have added the battery box platform for purchase on out site for purchase; for anyone who may wish to upgrade their base UP model to the UP-B models.  Also we have added one or two new videos to our sites of the recent past few days.  


One of the videos we have added to both our websites was done by a great friend of ours who has a channel on YouTube called Winkiedoodles.  It wouldn't be right for us not to post a link here for you to enjoy considering all the awesome help and kindness he has shown us.  Please check it out here: .  The video we speak of here, I believe we posted that in our last blog posting too.


Ok, it's getting late here in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, so I'll finish off with this:  We are taking a trip up North to one of the greatest fishing lakes we know around these parts.  While there we are going to be shooting a ton of videos, pictures and brainstorming a bunch of new ideas on how to further improve or add to our product offerings we have for you all today.  Please check back here regularly to get the latest my friends :)

Oh, and by the way, please "like us" when you stop by our websites if you don't mind-- we are truly very thankful to all of you out there who love our products, and who love to share these great solutions with their friends everywhere.

Signing off for now, and tight lines to all,


From your friends at Float Tube Fanatics and Fish Finder Mounts .com
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