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Humminbird Fishin Buddy vs. Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mounts

Float Tube Fanatics or Humminbird Fishin Buddy?

April 8th, 2013

Ok, it's true, these two solutions aren't quite the same.  The Fishin Buddy has an integrated Piranhamax fish finder from Humminbird integrated right into the solution; whereas the Float Tube Fanatics mount is just that- a fish finder mount only.  But truly both of these solutions still are comparable in that they are both employed to solve a particular issue many fishermen face; that is, how one might mount or attach a fish finder onto their water craft of choice.  

Here is a Pros & Cons list of the two systems:

The Fishin Buddy fish finder from Humminbird:

  • fish finder is integrated
  • fish finder is from a reputable manufacturer
  • fish finder is bulky for applications such as float tubes, pontoons and other small watercraft
  • batteries do not last for extended duration (perhaps a day or at very best two, in the author's personal experience)
  • transducer pole can catch on all manner of things in the water such as weeds
  • the fish finder unit is not 'high end' and sports more basic features in comparison to many other commercially available fish finders
  • to mount the ' fishin buddy ' on float tubes or pontoons the user will need to separately purchase the 'buddy holster' which typically costs in the region of $20-30 dollars.
  • the fishin buddy pretty much needs to be installed after the fisherman has launched his craft from shore due to the bulky pole integrated into the fishin buddy
  • the buddy holster will move/bob about when the water craft is moving

Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mounting System:

  • very compact and highly portable
  • integrated long life SLA battery that will run compact to medium finders for many full days of fishing prior to needing recharge
  • allows the user to pick from scores of different fish finders available on the market today that have much greater feature sets, power and accuracy than those of the 'fishin buddy' finder
  • the transducer is not mounted on a large pole and will not get caught up on weeds nearly as much or as harshly as the 'fishin buddy's' transducer pole will
  • the user can tilt the transducer up when beaching or launching their watercraft so as to protect the transducer from damage; therefore the user does not need to set up in the water nor remove the finder when beaching their water craft.  
  • the user can attach the Float Tube Fanatics mounting system on their float tube and actually carry their float tube around with it on-- not having to be concerned that it may fall off
  • the Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mount is very compact and is very easy to transport.  In fact it can be slung over the shoulder or fastened around one's waste if the user desires to hike into a special fishing spot
  • the Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mount is extremely tough and is built to last for years literally. 
  • does not have a fish finder integrated like the ' fishin buddy ' fish finder from Humminbird
  • Float Tube Fanatics is a youthful company in comparison to Humminbird

A Picture of the Float Tube Fanatics Mounting system & The Humminbird Fishin Buddy on one Pontoon

A Closing Note

The author of this blog sincerely believes Humminbird makes great products & fish finders.  It is truly not the intention of the author to defame Humminbird's ' fishin buddy ' fish finder product.  Truth is the ' fishin buddy ' has served as almost the exclusive out of box commercial solution for float tube and pontoon fishermen for many years now. This said however, the author still believes through direct and indirect experience with the Humminbird fishin buddy solution, that for pontoons, float tubes and other small fishing water craft, the fishin buddy fish finder from Humminbird is certainly not the best solution existing on the market today.  In fact if it were, there would not be so many fishermen who have DIY-ed their own homespun mounting systems in order that they could choose & use a fish finder other than the " Fishin Buddy " from Humminbird-- on their float tube, pontoon or other water craft. 

It is the author's sincere desire that this 'weigh off' or product comparison might help sport fishermen, when it comes to deciding on a fish finder solution for their watercraft; and to understand thoughtfully, that other choices and solutions exist; which are indeed better to a greater or lesser degree than what traditionally has been the De-facto solution for many years in the past.

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  1. Thanks For The Honest And Unbiased Opinion Without The Need To Bash Either Product. I Have Been Contemplating The Fishing Buddy System For Years But Just Wasn't Sold On It. I'm Glad I Waited. The Float Tube Fanatic System Appears To Be Just What The Doctor Ordered!


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