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A Pontoon Fish Finder Please...

How to Attach a Fish Finder to your Pontoon Boat

September 26, 2013

Hey Friends, it's Wade here with a new Blog Post for Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics.  

Our good friend Don has shot another great video.  This one focuses on our low profile mount system ( the UP1- B or the UP2-B ), that is optimized for your typical pontoon fishing boat.  

Pretty much almost all of these 'pontoons' have oars mounted on them; which in my view is the biggest single thing that separates them from a regular float tube/belly boat/kick boat.  The oars depending on the design of the pontoon can be mounted in a spectrum of various heights in relation or proximity to the pontoon air bladders.  One popular manufacturer of pontoon and float tube fishing products: "Outcast", has a very popular standard design that many other manufacturers seem to like to pattern themselves after - when coming up with their own market offerings.  Our UP (Low Profile) Fish Finder Mounts are awesome for addressing oar clearance issues, when it comes to mounting a fish finder on a Pontoon kick boat; while at the same time providing the customer with an excellent mounting tool for their fish finder.  

Here is Don's video.  Though this video focuses on one of our models, this model has many of the same... thematic traits - if you will, that pretty much all our mounting systems have.  Please enjoy:

Something new and bigger from Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com

By the way folks, we have a new fish finder battery box coming out soon.  This one is designed to contain a 5 amp hour battery.  Here's some pictures that give you an idea of the difference vs. our current battery box and standard 2.9 amp hour battery that we offer.  The new one is a bit larger and heavier, but not that much in comparison.  I think the trade off is well worth if for those with fish finders that have a higher power draw.  One of the great design features we've tried to pursue in our products is a power pack that will really run your finder for a good duration of time, before the user has to worry about charging up his battery pack again.  This is a further step in that direction for customers with larger more powerful fish finders.  My only regret is we didn't have this sooner.  Please enjoy:

Float Tube Fanatics 2.9ah AGM battery pack and their new one,
the 5ah AGM pack (the top pack in the picture above)

The New Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics
Fish Finder Battery box mount - New one is on the left (above).

The New Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics
Fish Finder Battery box mount - New one is on the left (above).

The New Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics
Fish Finder Battery box mount - New one is on the right (above).

The New Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics
Fish Finder Battery box mount - New one is on the rleft (above).

The New Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics
Fish Finder Battery box mount - New one is on the right (above).
This is a bottom view.

You may have noticed there is no box top in the pictures above.  That will come soon - perhaps our next blog post - coming soon ;)

Ok, good night my friends.  Will send another shout out in the next couple of days or so.  

Your Friend Wade, from Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics.
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New Larger Capacity Battery Pack Fish Finder Mount Post UPDATE

UPDATE! on New Larger 5 Amp Hour Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mounts:

Hey Friends, sorry for the delay on our new larger power capacity fish finder mounting systems that will be sporting a new 5amp hour battery pack.  We posted the blog post below in August, so it has taken longer than we like; however these new systems will be on our websites for sale by early next week.


Hello my dear kindred fishing friends :)  I trust you've had some time over the summer to enjoy some of your favourite fishing waters.  I've been busy hitting the lakes this summer.  Certainly it can't be all work and no play now can it ;)  

From  2.9 Amp Hours to 5 Amp Hours 

So I have a bit of news for those of you who have higher powered finders that want extended run time with our fish finder mounting systems.  We are soon going to be releasing a larger battery power box that will house a 5 amp hour AGM/SLA non-spillable battery pack.  It will be a larger box than the one we currently manufacture and sell on our websites ( & ).  This new pack will essentially offer the user 40% more power capacity than the current pack we typically sell with our kits.

In terms of the design, overall it will remain the same; meaning the battery power box will look the same, it will just be bigger.  Of course it will be a bit heavier too, having a slightly larger battery inside; yet it will still be universal in nature just like our other mounting systems; being able to mount to hundreds of difference inflatables, boats, kayaks & canoes etc.  We expect the footprint still to be small enough that it should also mount on the base fish cat float tube models; where there isn't a lot of space between where the pocket is and where the end of the tube tapers into a cone.

And yeah.. we are planning to release this in both a full fish finder mount kit/system format like our U1 and U2 systems for example, and a stand alone part for those of you who might desire an upgrade to the system you already have.  

New Fish Finder Mounts for Boats Available...

Okay, aside from the aforementioned news, we'd also like to remind everyone that we do have new fish finder boat mounting systems available.  These fish finder mounting kits do not have the battery power box integrated into them.  Instead they use our UP (Universal Plate) in lieu of the battery power box to mount the swivel plate and ultimately your fish finder control head.  These models are for those people that want the opportunity to integrate our system with, say... their battery for their electric motor, or other.  All of these new models are available on .  

Here's some pictures to show off these new fish finder mounts.  Some models come with the magnetic transducer mount and others do not - enjoy!: - a universal fish finder mount for your boat - a universal fish finder mount for your boat - a universal fish finder mount for your boat.
This Model comes with our magnetic universal transducer mount included! - a universal fish finder mount for your boat
This Model comes with our magnetic universal transducer mount included! - a universal fish finder mount for your boat.
This is the LFF (Large Fish Finders) Model. - a universal fish finder mount for your boat
This is the CFF (Compact Fish Finders) Model. - a universal fish finder mount for your boat
This is the CFF (Compact Fish Finders) Model. - a universal fish finder mount for your boat
This is the LFF (Large Fish Finders) Model.

Signing off for now:
your friend, Wade
email: &   Toll Free: 1-855-784-FISH

sneaking in a beautiful picture of a lake I recently fished ;)

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Fish Finder Reviews on Lowrance X4, Lowrance X5 & Humminbird 176i

June 18th, 2013

Greetings, and some Fishing Trip notes

Greetings fellow fisher friends, We were up in our favorite fishing grounds this weekend, and I spent a bit of time, yet not too much, taking some pictures and videos of some great, and not so great fish finder products, plus some awesome fish finder mounts we had these fish finders on.

I really tried to concentrate more on fishing than working - really I did ;) Fishing was slow and it looked like the water was in turn over.  Lots of plant bits floating about in the water.  Still we were able to pull out some nice bows from the lake, and we witnessed a fine gentleman land a beautiful silver clean 8 lb rainbow.  Aside from that we also saw deer roaming about the edge of the lake, an awesome bald eagle swoop down and pull what looked like a 15 incher out of the water, the biggest rabbit I'd ever seen, and a crazy huge cricket that was mutant in proportions.

3 Fish Finders (Lowrance Elite 4x, Lowrance Elite 5x & the Humminbird Piranhamax 176i) Reviewed...

I'll just start off with a bit of a preface regarding the focus of this blog post: I spent time using the Lowrance Elite 4x, the Lowrance Elite 5x and the Humminbird 176i.  The size of the screens on the more compact finders had me thinking I wouldn't be too impressed, but the Lowrance Elite 4X, though small really was very clear because of it's high pixel count on the monitor.  I really enjoyed using this fish finder.  I'm a bit of a tech geek, and so although the menus on the user interface had a load of options to sift through, I kind of enjoyed exploring through the features in the menu system.  I also spent a few hours using the Lowrance Elite 5x.  That unit has a fabulous large screen and the menu system is essentially identical to the Elite 4x fish finder.  I think for a float tube, pontoon and other small fishing craft where you are sitting fairly close to your fish finder, the Lowrance Elite 4x is a wonderful fishing companion, and all you really need - especially if you are just basically fishing lakes or shallower waters.  Your battery will run longer on the lower power draw, yet the Elite 4x still draws about 300 watts RMS; which is still plenty.  Both of the Lowrance fish finders have incredible color screens, and are great products.  I'd recommend them both.

Now in contrast to the Lowrance products aforementioned, I also used the Humminbird 176i.  I did not like this fish finder in comparison.  The menu system is very crude and non-intuitive.  I couldn't find a ping setting to slow down or speed it up.  I couldn't find a backlight setting; and the screen detail left a lot to be desired.  If I were going to purchase a lower end compact finder and had to choose between this finder or a Garmin Echo finder, the Garmin Echo fish finder (the fish finder I used all of last fishing season) would win hands down.  The Garmin Echo has a way better, more intuitive user interface/menu system, and the screen detail is much better.  I was able to find the track plotter option on the Humminbird 176i, but I really had to dig hard on the menu to find it.  I don't see that as something really necessary for myself, but the nice thing is you don't need a map pack to use this feature.  It just tracks where you've been, and shows you a related line graphic.  To be fair I didn't spend a lot of time tweaking this fish finder in the limited time I used it, so I will follow up with another more thorough review at a later date; but again, the screen detail and refresh rate was - in my opinion - rather poor compared to other finders in this category.  I will not be recommending this product to any of our customers.

Video Review of Lowrance Elite 4x Fish Finder

So to cut the text short at this point, please enjoy this video review of the Elite 4x fish finder:

A short video review of the Elite 4x fish finder

A Fantastic Fish Finder Mounting System!

Now, to cap all of this great fish finder talk off, don't forget, if you want the best fish finder mount for your pontoon, float tube, belly boat, fold cat, kayak, canoe or Aluminum boat, etc. check our web sites out.  Our mounting systems are built like tanks to last your fishing career, are designed by fishermen for fishermen, are super portable and easy to install.  You can see us at the following links:  &

And I will leave you all with a few nice pictures I was able to snap of the Lowrance Elite 4x and 5x on the float tube this past weekend - enjoy

Lowrance Elite 5x on belly boat and Float Tube Fanatics Mount
Lorwrance Elite 5x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #1

Elite 4x and Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mount
Lorwrance Elite 4x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #1

Lowrance Elite 5x on Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount
Lorwrance Elite 5x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #2

Lowrance Elite 4x with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount
Lorwrance Elite 4x fish finder mounted on float tube
with Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount #2

Oh Yeah, and here's a nice picture of that nice gentleman with his 8 lb rainbow.  Caught on a burgandy micro leach (cast and slow retrieve). Congrats to him!

Until next post, I wish you all tight lines my friends!

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The Benefits of the Magnetic Transducer Mount for Boats

Where to Mount a Fish Finder Transducer on your Boat (an old paradigm challenged)

Hi Friends, Wade here with another post.  This one is going to focus on mounting a fish finder transducer mount on your boat.  But instead of following convention, we are going to be honest:  We are trying to break an old paradigm; one that simply states transducers are to be mounted on the transom of a boat; and also in many cases for the past few years-- on a trolling motor perhaps.  In fact many commercial fish finders these days come with a transducer motor mounting kit included with the fish finder.  The kits we've seen are actually very cheap in design and material-- I don't think I would trust them.  Here's a picture, you decide:

 Well, bear with us friends, how about on the side of your boat?  Why not?  We have heard from many who have described the horrors of their transducer getting chopped in their prop when becoming detached from their transom.  We have heard other disaster stories of people hitting something in the water and their transducer; which in these cases are bolted or screwed into the boat get snapped off, and usually ultimately smashed.

We have a fantastic alternative that transcends the current paradigm.  In fact it is ultra portable, ultra quick to set up and detaches at a moments notice.  It does not require drilling holes in your boat, or any other kind of permanent mode of attachment.  Our magnetic transducer mount for fish finders-- for boats, is a revolutionary solution.  Its design employs paired embedded magnets; which in effect creates a powerful invisible clamp.

Not only is this fish finder mounting system super easy & fast to attach to your watercraft, these are other great benefits over the present day conventional methods:
  • If you happen to hit something solid, the transducer will pop off, most likely this will save your transducer from damage.
  • because our system favors a side mounting position, and it being attached correctly, tethered by your cabling attached to our system securely, it will not jettison into your prop and get shredded.
  • Portability, you can easily take your fish finder and mounting system with you and quickly attach it your whatever suitable boat you wish.  Do you rent boats to fish and want a great portable fish finder mounting solution?  This is it!
  • Unlike suction cups, this invisible magnetic fish finder transducer magnetic clamping system won't dry up and loose it's holding power
  • The paired magnetic block inside of your boat should stay in the position you initially set it at.  If it does come off you will be able to tell visually; in that you will see this block has moved; I.e. You don't have to guess why you are getting strange reading from your finder when your transducer is detached. 
Here are some pictures of the magnetic transducer mounting solution available on our websites for purchase at & :

The Magnetic Fish Finder Transducer mount, ready for action- in the water.

An All-In-One Universal Fish Finder Mount -
everything you need to mount and power your fish finder with ease
An ultra universal, ultra portable fish finder mount
with a revolutionary fish finder transducer mounting solution!

Fish Finder Mounts .com Universal Ultra Portable Fish Finder Mount for Boats.
Notice how the cabling is tethered right to the battery pack box.
Besides cable management, these fish finder mounting systems come with an integrated power solution as well

A great fish finder transducer mounting solution for your kayak!

Complete Fish Finder Mounting Solution Features

So, I will finish up with some notes about the entire fish finder & transducer mounting solution from Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics.  These fish finder mounts for boats come with more than just the magnetic transducer mount; but also, as you  may have noticed in the pictures above, an integrated power pack solution, a high quality gunnel clamp, a swivel feature that will enable to get the most optimized viewing angle for the fish finder control head, built in cable management, and a 6 month satisfaction guarantee (we've never had a customer return :))  Essentially these fish finder mounting systems come with everything you need to mount and power your fish finder and transducer straight out of the box!  By the way, we also have the perfect charging system for the rechargeable battery that comes with your system on our websites for sale-- in case you need a charger that is.  The rechargeable battery will run your fish finder of choice for up to 5-6 days solid fishing time-- depending on what fish finder model you are using.  Here is a couple of pictures of the system.  Tight lines All :)  :

The humminbird 386ci mounted on the fish finder mounting system for boats

Top View, Notice how compact the entire fish finder mounting system is

A frontal view of the Fish Finder Boat Mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com
The Universal All-In-One Fish Finder Mounting System, (with integrated power and a Magnetic Transducer Mount included)

Oh and one other thing I almost forgot to mention.  This fish finder mounting solution for boats is extremely universal in nature.  It can competently mount a very wide variety of fish finders from popular manufacturers such as Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin, and Eagle.  Notice in the picture below, all of the finders are mounted onto our swivel plate, ready to be swapped in at will.  In the picture below, the Lowrance Elite 4x, Lowrance Elite 5x, and the Humminbird 386ci fish finders are shown :

A truly universal all-in-one portable fish finder mounting system for boats : from Fish Finder Mounts .com &
Float Tube Fanatics


Please check out our products, pics and other vids at:
We also have a YouTube channel here:
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New Website Updates to &

May 14, 2013

Hey Friends, just a quick note this post to let you all know we've done a bunch of new updates to our sites; so when you have a moment or two to spare, we invite you to check it all out.  

Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics: Product PHOTO & VIDEO SHOOT ( May 2013 )

We recently visited Roche Lake, one of our most favorite fishing haunts.  The new ownership at the resort were extremely hospitable and they even purchased one of our Magnetic Boat mounts from us while we were staying in one of their great cabins overlooking the lake.  Unfortunately we didn't get as much fishing in as we would have liked.  Instead, we spend most of our time shooting pictures and videos so everyone can get some great views on the universal capability of our fish finder mounting systems; and how great our Magnetic Boat Mount solution really is.  So, yes we have them for you: the UP1 & 2 mounting systems to our universal all-in-one magnetic fish finder mounting system for boats-- I am posting some sample pictures below for you to enjoy :).

Lowrance Elite 5x on Float Tube Fanatics U2 Mount on Caddis Float Tube

Lowrance Elite 5x on Float Tube Fanatics U2 Mount on Caddis Float Tube
This is actually a very great fish finder for the money-- great view finder!

Humminbird 386ci on Float Tube Fanatics UP2-B fish finder mounting system

Humminbird 386ci on Float Tube Fanatics UP2-B fish finder mounting system.  Notice the clearance below the oar lock mount!

Lowrance Elite 4x on Float Tube Fanatics UP2-B mounting system & Outcast Discover 10 IR Pontoon

Lowrance Elite 4x on Float Tube Fanatics UP2-B mounting system & Outcast Discover 10 IR Pontoon

Lowrance Elite 5x on Float Tube Fanatics UP2-B mounting system & Outcast Discover 10 IR Pontoon

Humminbird 886ci with track plotter, color screen, mounted on Lund Aluminum Boat with Fish Finder Mounts .com Magnetic All-In-One Universal Fish Finder Mounting System -- Amazing Portability

Just a small sample of how many fish finders from Lowrance, Humminbird and Garmin the Fish Finder Mounts .com and Float Tube Fanatics - fish finder mounting systems can competently mount

Just a small sample of how many fish finders can mount on Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com fish finder mounting systems.  Those shown here are:  Lowranc Elite 5x , Lowrance Elite 4x and the Humminbird 386ci.  Want an awesome universal, All-In-One, extremely portable fish finder mounting solution?  You have found it!  From the Fish Finder Mounting Specialists :)

The Magnetic Transducer is hanging on perfectly.  No more drilling holes in your boat with this transducer mount from Fish Finder Mounts .com & Float Tube Fanatics
 Well stay tuned Friends.  More pictures and videos to come soon :)

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New Low Cost Fish Finder Mounts, Latest FTF News, and some Great Pictures ( from Float Tube Fanatics and Fish Finder Mounts .com )


Hey Fishin' friends :)  We wanted to try and help those fisher folk out there that are operating on more of a tight budget when it comes to their fishing gear/equipment; so we came up with our non-battery integrated UP systems.  These fish finder mounting systems still have all the fantastic features of our other mounting systems but, in this case you must add your own power/battery solution.  We think this is ok, because it provides the user (and some have asked for this option) the opportunity to sync up a much larger battery pack to their fish finder in lieu of the more compact Float Tube Fanatics AGM/SLA 12 volt, 2.9 amp hour battery pack.  Hey, if that's what our customers want, we'd like to help them get it :)

Please don't get these fish finder mounting models mixed up with our UP1-B and UP2-B systems.  Those particular models include the integrated battery box that mounts on the polypropylene strap along with the UP and swivel plates for an true all-in-one out of box fish finder mounting solution.  

If you want to have a look at these low-cost, low profile fish finder mounting systems on our websites, please check these links out:!buy-now/productsstackergalleryv20=2!buy-now/productsstackergalleryv20=3


Here's a pic or two as well-- of these low cost Fish Finder mounts:

The UP1 fish finder mount from Float Tube Fanatics (fish finder not included ;) )

The UP2 fish finder mount from Float Tube Fanatics

Imagine this without the battery box to the right (and add your own fish finder)- I.e. a UP1


So yeah, we posted some new pictures and videos on & .  One of our amazing friends and customers (John), has been blasting around on the lakes in the High Sierras in his 12 foot Lund Aluminum boat with a 5hp Briggs and Stratton outboard on the back.  He's been using and enjoying our Magnetic Transducer Mounting solution.  He reports great results so we want to share that with you here:

Oh by the way, this is a real email from a real customer:

" Wade,

I got up to a lake and tried your product with my aluminum boat. This time I used my 12 foot boat with a 5 HP Briggs and Stratton engine. It was a pretty big lake (642 acres), so several times I used full throttle on the engine to get from one part of the lake to another as fast as I could. The fishfinder mount hung on perfectly with no problems whatsoever. The waves and vibrations from cutting through the water did not cause the magnets attaching the transducer to the hull to separate. So it worked extremely well and you now know it can withstand the thrust of a 5 HP gas motor.

I accidentally sent two copies of one picture, so there are really five pictures with the email.

Thanks, Wade, and take care.


Here's his pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Notice the paired magnetic block near the floor of the boat  below of the  fish finder (Lowrance Mark4)

The All-In-One Fish Finder mount with Magnetic Transducer Mount solution!  The Lowrance Mark5 fish finder shown

Transducer is hard to see but it's there below the finder.  Notice the cables are neatly tied up to the battery box too

Just a beautiful day to be on the lake don't you think?

Further to the "Website Update" subject, we'd like to add that we have added the battery box platform for purchase on out site for purchase; for anyone who may wish to upgrade their base UP model to the UP-B models.  Also we have added one or two new videos to our sites of the recent past few days.  


One of the videos we have added to both our websites was done by a great friend of ours who has a channel on YouTube called Winkiedoodles.  It wouldn't be right for us not to post a link here for you to enjoy considering all the awesome help and kindness he has shown us.  Please check it out here: .  The video we speak of here, I believe we posted that in our last blog posting too.


Ok, it's getting late here in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, so I'll finish off with this:  We are taking a trip up North to one of the greatest fishing lakes we know around these parts.  While there we are going to be shooting a ton of videos, pictures and brainstorming a bunch of new ideas on how to further improve or add to our product offerings we have for you all today.  Please check back here regularly to get the latest my friends :)

Oh, and by the way, please "like us" when you stop by our websites if you don't mind-- we are truly very thankful to all of you out there who love our products, and who love to share these great solutions with their friends everywhere.

Signing off for now, and tight lines to all,


From your friends at Float Tube Fanatics and Fish Finder Mounts .com
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Fantastic Fish Finder Mount & Assembly

Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mount Video 
(Step by Step assembly & Product Review)

Hi Friends, here's a wonderful video produced by one of our great friends who loves our products and who is an artist and great fisherman in his own right.  This video shows a step by step instruction on how to assemble and mount a fish finder with the Float Tube Fanatics fish finder mounting system.  The Humminbird 160 Piranhamax is the fish finder of choice in this case; and there's even some nice fish-on action near the end.  I think you will enjoy-- take a peak :)

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't share his YouTube Channel with you, so here it is:

Please check it out sometime when you can.

Tight Lines Y'all !

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Awesome Cumberland Float Tube Fishing Set-Up & Float Tube Fanatics U2 Fish Finder Mount with Lowrance Elite 4X DSI

Float Tube Fanatics U2 Float Tube Fish Finder Set-Up

A Short Video - Float Tube Fish Finder & Awesome Cumberland Float Tube Fishing set up!

Now here's a fellow Fisherman sporting an awesome Float Tube Fishing Set-Up.  I think he likes the Float Tube Fanatics U2 universal Fish Finder Mounting system :)  He has the Lowrance Elite 4x DSI fish finder unit mounted here.  I just happened across this on YouTube and thought I'd post for your viewing enjoyment:

Tight Lines All!

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Humminbird Fishin Buddy vs. Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mounts

Float Tube Fanatics or Humminbird Fishin Buddy?

April 8th, 2013

Ok, it's true, these two solutions aren't quite the same.  The Fishin Buddy has an integrated Piranhamax fish finder from Humminbird integrated right into the solution; whereas the Float Tube Fanatics mount is just that- a fish finder mount only.  But truly both of these solutions still are comparable in that they are both employed to solve a particular issue many fishermen face; that is, how one might mount or attach a fish finder onto their water craft of choice.  

Here is a Pros & Cons list of the two systems:

The Fishin Buddy fish finder from Humminbird:

  • fish finder is integrated
  • fish finder is from a reputable manufacturer
  • fish finder is bulky for applications such as float tubes, pontoons and other small watercraft
  • batteries do not last for extended duration (perhaps a day or at very best two, in the author's personal experience)
  • transducer pole can catch on all manner of things in the water such as weeds
  • the fish finder unit is not 'high end' and sports more basic features in comparison to many other commercially available fish finders
  • to mount the ' fishin buddy ' on float tubes or pontoons the user will need to separately purchase the 'buddy holster' which typically costs in the region of $20-30 dollars.
  • the fishin buddy pretty much needs to be installed after the fisherman has launched his craft from shore due to the bulky pole integrated into the fishin buddy
  • the buddy holster will move/bob about when the water craft is moving

Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mounting System:

  • very compact and highly portable
  • integrated long life SLA battery that will run compact to medium finders for many full days of fishing prior to needing recharge
  • allows the user to pick from scores of different fish finders available on the market today that have much greater feature sets, power and accuracy than those of the 'fishin buddy' finder
  • the transducer is not mounted on a large pole and will not get caught up on weeds nearly as much or as harshly as the 'fishin buddy's' transducer pole will
  • the user can tilt the transducer up when beaching or launching their watercraft so as to protect the transducer from damage; therefore the user does not need to set up in the water nor remove the finder when beaching their water craft.  
  • the user can attach the Float Tube Fanatics mounting system on their float tube and actually carry their float tube around with it on-- not having to be concerned that it may fall off
  • the Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mount is very compact and is very easy to transport.  In fact it can be slung over the shoulder or fastened around one's waste if the user desires to hike into a special fishing spot
  • the Float Tube Fanatics Fish Finder Mount is extremely tough and is built to last for years literally. 
  • does not have a fish finder integrated like the ' fishin buddy ' fish finder from Humminbird
  • Float Tube Fanatics is a youthful company in comparison to Humminbird

A Picture of the Float Tube Fanatics Mounting system & The Humminbird Fishin Buddy on one Pontoon

A Closing Note

The author of this blog sincerely believes Humminbird makes great products & fish finders.  It is truly not the intention of the author to defame Humminbird's ' fishin buddy ' fish finder product.  Truth is the ' fishin buddy ' has served as almost the exclusive out of box commercial solution for float tube and pontoon fishermen for many years now. This said however, the author still believes through direct and indirect experience with the Humminbird fishin buddy solution, that for pontoons, float tubes and other small fishing water craft, the fishin buddy fish finder from Humminbird is certainly not the best solution existing on the market today.  In fact if it were, there would not be so many fishermen who have DIY-ed their own homespun mounting systems in order that they could choose & use a fish finder other than the " Fishin Buddy " from Humminbird-- on their float tube, pontoon or other water craft. 

It is the author's sincere desire that this 'weigh off' or product comparison might help sport fishermen, when it comes to deciding on a fish finder solution for their watercraft; and to understand thoughtfully, that other choices and solutions exist; which are indeed better to a greater or lesser degree than what traditionally has been the De-facto solution for many years in the past.

Wade &
Toll Free: 1-855-784-FISH

The Ultimate Pontoon Fish Finder Mount from Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com

A Friendly Hello from &

April 8th, 2013 

Hey all our Sport Fishing Fanatic friends, we hope you are all doing very well and enjoying life.  For much of the world Spring is here and fishing time is just around the bend here.  We are very excited and we are getting geared up to enjoy it; plus while we are doing so we are also planning to bring you some great product/fishing videos too.  In case some of you didn't know, we do have a You Tube channel.  Just look us up under "Float Tube Fanatics"; I know ;) what else right??

The video content we will release will focus on our new Magnetic Fish Finder Mounting system, our pontoon Fish Finder Mounting systems, and we'll definitely get some of our float tube mounting systems in there too. So please do stay tuned and check out and subscribe to our You Tube channel when you can. When you subscribe, you will be able to get an email notification whenever we do release new vids so you can check out what new shenanigans we are up to.  We hope you will enjoy!

 The All-In-One Fish Finder Mount for Pontoons

So one of our more recent Pontoon Fisherman friends emailed and let us know that he loved the U2 mounting system he purchased from us, however his dilemma was that he found the mount was a bit high in relation to the optimal clearance he wanted for his oarsWhat did we do?  Well we said "thank you" first off, because we highly and sincerely value and covet our customer's feedback; secondly we immediately got to work and came up with a new and optimized solution for pontoons -- our new 'UP' models of fish finder mounts.  

These new fish finder mounts shine for pontoon fishing craft applications because they take the fish finder's monitor off the battery box as it is on our U1 and U2 finder mounting systems (perfect for float tubes), and fixes the fish finder viewer/monitor onto our new UP plate('UP' stands for "universal plate"). This effectively lowers the overall mounted monitor height by 1.75" effectively; which is perfect to allow for ample amount of overhead clearance when a pontoon fisherman is pulling at the oars. Here's a couple of pictures so you can perhaps better understand what it is I am rambling on about:

And while we're at it, let me add a video to further demonstrate these new All-In-One Pontoon Fish Finder Mounting Systems; which come in the following models: UP1 & UP2 (non-integrated power), UP1-B & UP2-B (integrated power).  Here it is-- from Float Tube Fanatics and Fish Finder Mounts .com:

Ok, with that we'll sign off for now, but not before we wish you all Tight Lines everyone!  Oh yeah, and by the way if you want to contact us, we are always very happy to chat with you.  Call us toll free at: 1-855-784-FISH, or email us at


From your Friends at Float Tube Fanatics & Fish Finder Mounts .com